High-Performance Cutting Tools

Guhring Thailand provide customers with precision in rotary cutting tool technology, outstanding productivity and a comprehensive service.

Guhring has always been at the forefront of technology. New ideas do not only provide the industry with continuous improvements and cost efficiencies but set standards around Thailand.

Guhring supplies standard range of precision cutting tools including drills, taps, milling cutters, reamers, countersinks, counterbores, tool sets and tool holders, to customers.

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GM300 Tool Holders

Innovations for the metal-cutting industry.

• Modular tool holders from the tool manufacture's perspective!
• Decades of our knowledge & experience offered to you!
• Holders perfectly adapted to suit the demands of modern tools!


RF100 Diver End Mill

For customers with constantly changing tool requirements and a high demand for machining flexibility, Guhring has developed a new Ratio endmill that covers five operations with one tool: RF100Diver end mill can perform drilling, ramping, slotting, roughing and finishing operations.

RAMPING: With extremely steep plunge angle up to 45º, Very good chip removal.

SLOTTING: High process reliability with smooth operation, High feed rate for plunging and slotting

ROUGHING: Suitable for less rigid machines

FINISHING: High cutting parameters also in alloyed heat-treatable steels.


PowerTap: Suitable for all materials

A PowerTap is always the right choice! It is a true universal tap covering a broad range of applications and provides optimal machining results. Count on Guhring’s golden power!

Everything is just right with Guhring’s new PowerTaps:
Performance, quality, price and universal application range. Guhring’s PowerTap program includes powerful taps for the most common threads.

State-of-the-art manufacturing technology guarantees highest quality “Made in Germany” at unmatched low prices. In addition, the special geometry of Guhring PowerTaps makes them genuine all-rounders in close to all materials.



Tool Management: Built-in Intelligence

Our tool management solutions relieve customers of all tasks around process planning, stock keeping, logistics, tool application, tool maintenance and process optimisation.

All of Guhring's tool dispensing systems are controlled by the user-friendly Guhring Tool Management Software. It documents all relevant movement data of stock levels, triggers order requirements and enables evaluations to various criteria


Reliable quality and convenient service

Guhring Thailand has become a one-stop shop for a range of high precision cutting tool solutions - from an extensive stock of standard catalogue tools to special carbide tools, PVD coatings and quality carbide rods, as well as comprehensive resharpening service.

We can draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience of our parent company in Germany, while at the same time offer rapid delivery of precision carbide cutting tools at highly competitive prices, complete with in-house coating facilities.


Our troubleshooting is useful in tracing the cause of some common drilling, tapping, milling and reaming problems.

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