High-Tech for Take Off

For the purpose of reducing weight and optimising efficiency, the aerospace industry is increasingly applying materials such as carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium alloys as well as super alloys such as Inconel or Waspalloy. The machining of these materials places very special demands on tool, machine and process design.

Guhring has full state-of-the-art equipment such as FEM, high speed and thermal cameras, load sensing devices etc.. In addition, Guhring‘s PCD and CBN tool production offers especially complex tooling solutions for combined machining tasks.


Non Stop Development

In close co-operation with renowned automobile, automotive suppliers, commercial and special vehicle manufacturers, Guhring develops optimum tooling solutions for efficient manufacturing processes and products.



Guhring's Research & Development division continues to create tools as per customer demands. The FL drill was developed for the mining industry in order to produce the holes to hold the carbide bits (slugs) for rock drilling heads.

The production of this is a particularly demanding machining task:

  • the diameter tolerance must not exceed the maximum of 0.005 mm (≤ IT7) with a hole to hole repeatability of 0.002 to 0.003 mm.
  • the surface quality of the hole must be approximately Ra 1.0 to 2.0 mm according to the roughness classification N6/N7 in accordance to DIN 1302.

General Engineering

Everything from One Source

Guhring is an active partner in the general engineering field. Based on 3 dimensional data of workpiece, machine tool, process plan and our OEM department creates the complete machining process.

The process aims to achieve the most economic method of manufacturing the components and also include comprehensive trials and simulations, involvement with the start-up of production as well improving and optimising the process.

General Engineering


High-tech at the service of the environment

Wind power is growing - in every sense. Not only is the number of farms rising steadily but wind power stations are ever increasing in size and can now also be found in the sea. All this is only possible with high-tech materials capable of withstanding the enormous stresses.

As part of our special solutions we also provide taps and fluteless taps within the scope of our semi-standard range with short delivery
times and at a favourable cost. Based on the ex-stock blanks of our standard range, we manufacture taps up to a length of 400 mm for the
thread sizes M16 to M39 to customer specifications with application oriented coatings for your special application tasks. Additionally, Guhring also supplies thread milling cutters to suit large thread sizes.