• RF100 Speed

    The NEW RF100 Speed

    The new RF100 Speed from Guhring's Ratio programme is the sharpest and quickest HPC milling cutter on the market. Read more
  • Diver RF100 Milling cutter

    Diver RF100 Milling Cutter

    Guhring has developed a new Ratio end mill that covers five operations with one tool: RF100 Diver can perform drilling, ramping, slotting, roughing and finishing operations. Read more
  • Powertap

    Powertap Range - A True Universal Tap

    The new Guhring PowerTaps are the threading tools of the next generation. They offer high cutting performance and tool life in most materials at an unbeatable price -performance ratio. Read more
  • Micro precision drill

    Micro-Precision Drills

    Whether small or large batch sizes, whether high-performance machines with internal cooling or non-rigid conditions: Guhring's range includes the optimal solution for the production of the smallest holes. Read more
  • The RF100A Milling Cutter for Aluminium

    RF100A High-Performance Milling Cutter for Aluminium

    RF100A is an entirely new generation of high-performance end mills. The tool strength is highly beneficial for the machining of aluminium wrought alloys. Read more
  • The Interchangeable Insert Drilling System HT800WP

    The Interchangeable Insert Drilling System HT800WP

    The ideal drilling system for the production of large, highly-accurate holes in a variety of materials for wind and water power stations, engine plants or gas/steam turbines. Read more
  • Guhring Tool Management Software for optimisation for your cutting tools

    Tool Management

    All Guhring's tool dispensing systems are controlled by the user-friendly Guhring Tool Management Software (GTMS). It documents all relevant movement data of stock levels, triggers order requirements and enables evaluations to various criteria. Read more
  • CFRP Milling cutter

    CFRP Milling Cutter For The Machining Of Composite Materials

    In order to economically machine the latest generation of this high-tech material, Guhring developed milling cutter for the machining of carbon fibre reinforced plastics. Read more