Guhring Drills


for machining perfection

Guhring manufactures a various range of drills to support central Thailand industries such as automotive, aerospace and mining industries.

Guhring manufactures stub drills, jobber drills, twist drills, carbide drills, micro-precision drills, spade drills and deep hole drills. Spade drills are consist of drill body up to 10xD with interchangeable carbide inserts. Carbide spiral flute deep hole drills are up to 40xD available. Guhring also provides special carbide drills for specific industry needs.

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Gun Drills

for deep holes ø 0.9mm to 52.0mm

Guhring conventional gun drill range offers you standard and special solutions from diameter 0.9mm and up to a total length of 3000mm.



with high-precision threads

Guhring's taps support the production of internal and external threads which includes the following:

  • HSS taps and solid carbide taps with or without axially or radially exiting coolant ducts as well as application specific coating
  • HSS and solid carbide fluteless taps with or without axially or radially exiting coolant ducts as well as application orientated surfaces
  • Taps with or without countersinking step, carbide universal as well as drill/thread milling cutters with or without axially exiting coolant ducts and application specific coating
  • HSS button dies

Milling Cutters

Guhring produces its own carbide rod, which is the substrate material for all Guhring carbide end mills. This makes Guhring unique amongst carbide end mill manufacturers. Also this ability to control the quality and supply of carbide rod gives Guhring carbide end mills longer and more repeatable tool life and performance.

Guhring was one of the first manufacturers to offer a variable helix end mill design and now has one of the largest standard offerings in the industry. Guhring FIREX®, Super-A™, TiN and nano-TiAlN coated end mills are finished in Guhring own PVD coating chambers for consistent quality. Guhring also offers in-house regrind and carbide end mill modifications.

Milling cutters


for an optimal surface quality

The reamer is the most commonly used tool for the production of holes true to form and tolerance with high surface quality. The latter meets the requirement of ‘finishing’ or ‘fine finishing’.

Guhring’s hand reamers and machine reamers provide excellent solutions for finish machining holes. The specially developed straight flute geometry of carbide reamers enables extremely high cutting rates and produces high-quality holes. Therefore, it enables considerable savings in production costs. In addition, it provides very high process reliability. The coolant supply ensures an optimal chip evacuation and an optimal cooling.

For reaming narrow tolerance holes, Guhring also manufactures special carbide reamers to meet your requirements.

Counterbores & Countersinks

Guhring offers 3 Fluted HSS Counterbores with parallel shank and taper shank. Counterbores with paralle shank is available from size 4.3mm to 20.00mm. Taper shank HSS counterbores are available from 26.00mm to 40.00mm.

Countersinking are processes to optimise pre-machined holes. As a world-wide leading manufacturer of drilling tools, Guhring provides HSS counterbores and countersinking tools made naturally to the highest Guhring Quality.

Countersinks & counterbores
Guhring Sets

Guhring Sets

Including: Drill tap set, HSS jobber drill set, end mill set, countersinks set, spot drill set, Powertap sets

Tool Holders

Guhring offers a complete line of tool holders and clamping systems. Whether tooling a multi-spindle special transfer line, multi-spindle drill head, CNC machining or turning center, Guhring has the right tool holder for the application.

Tool holding options offered by Guhring in the GM 300 line include HSK, SK ISO-Taper DIN 69871, BT-Taper, and direct mount adapters.